Friday, June 25, 2004

We W-Urs Robbed!

My girlfriend and I had a gorgeous dinner last night then sat down to watch a DVD. Was a nice relaxing evening. It finished with about 20 minutes to kill before Big Brother so we switched BBC 1 on, just in time to see that disallowed goal.

I’m not bothered by football. I don’t really are about England’s progress but being English I suppose it would be nice for them to win. I don’t know much about football but I have to say even in my blinkered way that was a goal.

My jaw dropped as yet again England had to go to penalties. They always do. At world cup, or Euro level they always seem to get to the quarterfinals, score a goal in the first 5 minutes for it to be equalised and end up in a penalty shoot out. This always results in England losing and yet again they did last night. Except they didn’t because that was a goal.

Still there’s no point moaning about it now, it’s happened, it’s done with.

If only there was a way you could personally tell that stupid referee, Urs Meier, how you felt about his awful decision….

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