Thursday, June 24, 2004

Last weekend I was mostly DJing

DJ’s a pleasant gig last Saturday even though it was only to 20 people. It made a huge change. Despite the small number the bride had insisted she wanted a DJ. I grudgingly agreed although I dreaded the gig arriving.

It actually turned out to be a nice surprise. The group, including the Bride & Groom were really, really nice people. As there wasn’t a large crowd there wasn’t the pressure to get the room dancing that you normally get from gigs. This lead to a more relaxed affair and gave me chance to dig out stuff I hadn’t played for a while. The crowd did dance intermittently but at the end announced I hadn’t played a single bad record. Was good fun! 7/10

On a different note today I saw a car that didn’t have a St. George cross on it. A rare sight indeed.

BIG BROTHER BIT – it’s strange but since the big fight I’ve lost a bit of interest in BB5. Must try and catch up with the house events. Anyway don'’ forget evict Vanessa, oh come on, she’s not very nice. She leads Jay on then ignores him and she can be a bit bitchy. Also if Dan goes I lose a bet!

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