Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Flying The Flag

Poor St. George must be turning in his grave. Why oh why is his flag being used to celebrate the campaign of 11 brain-dead footballers in a dumb game?

The flag should be used for being proud of your country, proud of Britian and its achievements. I’m sorry but I don’t think the England football team are something to shout about. Their actions do not change the world, they do not effect life on a global scale. However decisions made by the Queen or Government do.

The Beagle2 Mars probe failed, but for a few days the whole country was behind it. If they had succeeded and made some great discoveries abut Mars then that’s when the flag should be flown. Likewise if we were out in Iraq genuinely fighting for a good cause to liberate the Iraqis then, again, the flag should be flown, though to be honest I feel Bush has other, genuine, reasons for invading Iraq.

This weekend should have acted as a vivid reminder as to why we should fly the flag. This weekend celebrated a genuine victory, not a shallow football campaign but a real life changing event the British were involved in. D-Day.

Men lost their lives to protect what they believe it. The worst footballers can do is break a nail or have their hair slightly ruffled. We should be forever thankful for what they did 60 years ago, that is why we should fly St. George with pride.

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