Monday, June 07, 2004

A game of boring halves

I’m making the most of this week. It will be the last week for over a month that I will be able to switch on the television without fear of boredom and a wave of insignificant statistics. You see I am one of a rare breed. I am one of a few males that fail to see the interest in the beautiful game. A game, to me, is all it is. Just 22 incredibly over paid and under-IQ’d running about kicking a ball around. That’s all it is. I don’t care who wins I don’t care about the ‘skill’ involved and I don’t care who the England captain is shagging.

Football is very over rated. I feel it’s wrong for the media to celebrate something that insights so much hatred and violence. There are real life changing events going on in the world at the moment why should the front pages be dominated by the progress of a game or what its players are doing now?

I’m a fan of Big Brother – but I even despise the way that grips the media. It is another ’game’ yet it still dominates the front pages of many news publications. Perhaps it is a product of our lives becoming trivial. Other countries would love to have their news made up of page 3 models, footballers and game shows instead they have civil unrest, religious uprisings and death. Personally though I would argue that they have got their priorities right…

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