Friday, March 18, 2005


Personally I find there is nothing better than a really good book. A page-turner that you really can’t put down. One that is so vivid it comes alive in your mind and takes you on a thrilling journey really involving you with the characters. But then comes the completion. You turn the last page and it ends. Usually the better the book the poorer the ending, though sometimes they do have good resolutions.

I have just finished reading the DaVinci Code by Dan Brown. According to the media it is the most exciting novel since Hogwarts School first opened its doors and I have to agree with them. The book is fantastic, a gripping Thriller that sees the two heroes on a race to evade capture from the French police for a crime they didn’t commit. Along the way they try and unravel the mystery of the Holy Grail and boy what a ride. Obviously the story and characters are fictional but if the research that Dan Brown has carried out into the Grail is true then it really could shatter the Catholic Faith. The problem is that the Davinci Code’s line between fact and fiction is very blurry.

It took me just two days to complete the novel – it was that good – but now I have a vacuum in my life. I hate it when you finish a great book. I was really enjoying getting stuck into it. Sure I’ve got plenty of other books to read but somehow they don’t seem as compelling. Part of me wants to trawl the net and see if I can find evidence for the conclusions in the Code. Try to find out if what elements of Brown’s tale is true but then what if I discover it really is all fiction, it would shatter the enjoyment of what I just read.

Anyway, trust me give into the media hype and find yourself a copy. It might just change the way you think…

The Mysterious Rosslyn Chapel - One of the key locations in the DaVinci Code

The Knights Templar - Guardians of The Grail?

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