Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Year Of Blogging, A Page of Thoughts...

Oh yes, this is a new look to my Blog. As tomorrow sees the 1st anniversary of creating this site I thought it was in need of a spruce up. I’ve gone for a nice fresh blue – you like? So in the 365 days since the creation of this Blog I’m ashamed to say I’ve only managed to make just over 100 posts. Is my life really that interesting that only one third of it needs documenting?

I created this Blog in honour of my 24th Birthday. On Saturday I will be 25 and proud to say that despite a few lapses over Xmas and during a Spanish vacation last year I’ve surprised myself by keeping the Blog going. On the first post one year ago I announced a sweepstake to see how long it’d last. I definitely wouldn’t have won.

I want to better my Blogging in the next 365 days but that remains to be seen.

So if keeping a diary was my 24th Birthday ambition how will I improve my self to mark my 25th year? To be honest I’d love to possess more drive. I wouldn’t call myself lazy – just laid back. When I get into habits I find them very easy to keep – perhaps why I rarely rise before 10am and perhaps why I’m still doing the same job I’ve had since 17. (Well – I do have a bit more responsibility!) For instance I know – if I wanted to – I could break into radio. Problem is it involves travelling and promoting yourself and I just can’t find the time to do it. I loved my time on Hereford Local Radio and, if they’ll have me, can’t wait for a second stab later this year. I kid myself that two or three years down the line they’ll go full time and I’ll walk into a job there. Well this is possible and I hope it does become true but there is of course the small fact they have to obtain a full license from Ofcom – which others could also bid for and win. There’s also the fact that if they did go full time they’d want tried and tested jocks rather than some geezer who’s had a few RSL experiences.

A good friend of mine was at pains a few weeks ago to motivate me but it just didn’t work. I tend to shut off when people compliment me, I just consider myself an average guy and nothing special. There is a pang of jealousy that she’s made it but that jealousy is coated in a large amount of happiness for her. But if I know I could be there too why don’t I do it?

Well that’s what I want to do for the next year. Try out a second RSL, get some experience at hospital radio and then, perhaps in 365 days I could be writing blogs in a cosy little radio studio. Then again this computer chair is soooo comfy…

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