Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Don't Go Changing....

The last week in February always seems fated to be life changing for me.

In 2000 it was the week that I first hosted my pub quiz. Five years ago I never imagined that I’d still be hosting it in 2005. It’s become part of my life now, out growing its ‘bit-of-fun-to-earn-me-money-while-I-complete-university’ and actually becoming something I look forward to weekly. Its my baby. Awww.

Also in the final week of February 2000 I was diagnosed with glandular fever – it hit me hard. I had to leave uni for two months and it took me a year to fully recover. It changed the way I looked on life. The night of March 1st 2000 was – to this day – the longest night I’ve experienced. I suffered an allergic reaction to the medication and had to put up with 24 hours of vomiting, sleeplessness (for some reason I became insomniac for that month) as well as three times during the night the Halls fire bell ringing. The entire population of 30 students had to evacuate each and every time. My the third time I was really in no fit state and was physically carried out by some friends – good job I was about 2 stone lighter in those days.

In February 2002 the final week brought the decision to quit teaching. I just knew I had to. It saw me returning to my old job, old city and old life – but also new happiness.

February 2004 saw me ready to quit the above job. I filled out an application for assistant manager of a new record/music shop. Something I’ve always fancied doing. I got to the front door of the shop ready to hand the form in but something told me the time wasn’t right. I did go into the shop – but chose to purchase a box set of the Toy Story films rather than attempt a change of career. I don’t why I made that decision but I’m gald I have – my current job will be getting a lot more interesting in the next 12 months.

So what did the final week of February 2005 bring? Well it’s the biggest decision I’ve ever made in my life. A decision I will inform you of another time….

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