Monday, March 07, 2005

My Life Is A Hollyoaks plot line.

It really is. Actually found it funny last week when one of the characters discovered the same thing I discovered before Christmas it’s just annoying that his Health service seems a lot quicker than mine!

While the Hollyoaks character seems to be taking things bad, I’m not. I have my test next week then I’m sure there will be more waiting which is the worst bit really.

Having an odd lump in an odd place is weird. You’d think you’d shit your self like Mr Hollyoaks is. (I don’t know the characters name as I can’t stand soaps but it is the one my girlfriend likes and to be fair there are attractive women in it so I find it easier to sit through than the disgrace to television that is Eastenders.) But I’m not scared. There’s no point worrying unless your GP says it’s serious which they haven’t yet. It could be a dozen other things so I’m not getting stressed yet. Even if the worst does come to the worst it has the highest success rate with, I believe, 95% of Testicular Cancer cases treatable.

Still, men if you’re reading this you must takes these things seriously. My doctor was actually thankful that I’d come as soon as I found it. She said how most blokes would ignore it until it did get serious then it could be too late. There's nothing to be embarassed about, they're doctors they've seen it all before!

Anyway I highly recommend this site;

Answers all your questions in a straight to the point no bollocks way. Which is funny as bollocks is exactly is what it’s about!

Oh well what's the life changing event from last week I hear you cry? Well I would love to have announced it today but it seems the deals off. So might have to wait a few weeks... *Evil Laugh*

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