Sunday, March 20, 2005

So it finally happened. Yesterday I turned 25.

So far I’ve spent 3/5 of my life in education.

2/5 in employment (the same company for all of that time)

1/5 Writing and hosting Bar Wars

I’ve spent 1/7 of my life in my current relationship

I’ve achieved a degree, a level three NVQ, 3 Alevels, 8 GCSE’s and a green swimming badge. (Never my strength – I had to be rescued from the pool during my lifesaving award!)

I’ve hosted my own radio show & appeared on The Big Breakfast.

I’ve DJ’d for Timmy Mallet and been Atomic Kitten’s Warm Up act.

I’ve been best man and had one of my cartoons published in the local paper.

I’ve ridden Nemesis, Air, Colossus, Inferno & The Big One all at the front in the dark.

And thanks to my girlfriend I can now experience freshly ground Starbucks Coffee in my own living room – thanks to the Burr Coffee Bean Grinder she bought me. Yummy.

Not bad for 25 years

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