Monday, March 21, 2005

Colour Changing Cars

Like crisps cars are subject to an ever-expanding variety. Back in the 80s I seem to remember every other car was red. You also had Blue, white and occasionally black but that was it – that was the full car colour spectrum. In the last few years these colours have become extinct, as everyone seems to opt for metallic hues, usually silver.

But there is one trend that concerns me. When did cars become yellow?

I first noticed it a few months ago. A bright yellow car pulled up next to my girlfriend with stickers of Tweety-Pie adorning the bonnet. Since then they seem to be everywhere. Bright yellow cars. Fiat seems to be leading the way in this shocking super mini colour trend. It sort of makes sense. I suppose high visibility cars would lead to fewer accidents. Heck why not make cars glow-in-the-dark if that’s what the manufacturers are after.

Seriously though keep your eyes peeled – I’m sure it’s a conspiracy. Yellow cars are out there see if you can spot some!

A Yellow Car Fan Club

P.S. Amusingly as I planned this blog yesterday I discovered one of my top DJ friends has just been given a company car - oh yes it's bright yellow oh and blue... oh and white. I possibly won't be accepting any lifts of her in the near future ;)

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