Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Talking B*llocks

I was given the all clear today over the small lump that has decided to set up home in my scrotum. It is a weight off my mind as although you reassure yourself it won’t be serious you then start to ask yourself ‘why won’t it be serious.’ After all I’m not special, I’m just another human being why should I be immune to cancer just because I’m me? It is a human tendency to think ‘Oh it’ll never happen to me’ whether it is about illness, burglary, car accident etc. But why shouldn’t it? Even so I was happy to be told it was nothing harmless and I can, if I wish, have it removed. To be honest I quite fancy just leaving it – me and my lump. I’ll be like the opposite of Hitler.

What did make me laugh was the doctors comment as I left the clinic. He told me once again that it was up to me if I wanted it removed. “The ball is in your court,” he said, without even smirking. Was it unintentional? I don’t know but it had me giggling for the next half-hour.

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